caregiver (cg) needs advice on involving Care recipient (cr) in activities

Try: Try to involve the cr in all of the activities they used to enjoy but at a different level not only will this provide an enjoyable activity for the cr it may provide help for the cg with tedious and sometimes repetitive chores if drying dishes provides satisfaction for the cr have non-breakable dishes soaking in the sink and let the cr dry them and put them on the counter more dishes can be added to the water periodically as long as the cr is content to dry them let the cr dust and rearrange books on bookshelves this is an activity that can be ongoing and repeated many times if the cr enjoys being outdoors there are several chores that can be performed according to the season in the summer months there could be flowerbeds or gardens to weed in the fall leaves could be raked and put into containers and dumped and raked again if the activity provides enjoyment patios walkways and garages can be swept towels and washcloths can always be folded and put on shelves and refolded over and over

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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