caregiver (cg) would like to help Care recipient (cr) with poor eyesight engage in more social activities cr seldom leaves home and has been out of touch with friends following vision loss

Try: Begin helping the cr re-engage in social activities by discovering which friends and family members the cr would like to have contact with and assisting the cr to make the first contacts offer to write notes or letters to the cr cr’s friends and family members based on the words the cr dictates to you offer to help the cr with all the steps of mailing a letter that may be difficult for a person with vision loss addressing the label locating a stamp affixing the stamp to the envelope getting the letter to a postbox etc take a trip with the cr to buy stationary if necessary describe some of the stationary styles available so the cr can pick out the ones he or she thinks appropriate for specific people suggest to the cr that you write a few letters each time you meet specifically for letter-writing sessions suggest writing to different sets of friends at each writing session for example friends from school work church clubs etc letter-writing sessions may be a way for you to get to know how the cr is feeling and dealing with the loss of vision and related life changes listen and ask questions while planning the writing sessions the activity may raise memories the cr can share with you and it may open avenues of conversation about the cr cr’s interests and wishes reaching out to others through notes and letters may also be a way to re-start the cr cr’s social life reconnecting him or her to people and places outside the home

Materials: Colorful note cards or stationery

Categories: Social, So-So Vision, Poor Vision

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