Care recipient (cr) touches other inappropriately

Try: #when the cr touches someone inappropriately remind the cr firmly but kindly that some people do not like to be touched and that it is wrong to touch someone else without permission #give the cr an object to occupy his or her hands such as a hand-held puzzle toy ask the cr to figure […]

Care recipient (cr) frequently spits or cries out cr may spit out food or be distracted from daily routine by crying out repetitive phrase or word

Try: First make sure the cr cr’s physical needs are met assess for pain and issues related to positioning overly-stimulating environment toileting etc if all the physical needs are met try something distracting that has oral appeal sing a song with the cr offer candy favorite snack bubble gum etc Materials: Caregivers with patience favorite […]

Care recipient (cr) wanders at night

Try: #fill the aquarium with water and let it sit for 24 hours install the aquarium pump according to the directions and plug into an electrical outlet place the fish still in its bag on top of the aquarium water for 1 hour #open the bag and let the fish swim into the aquarium water […]

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