caregiver (cg) is getting overwhelmed trying to think of new activities for the Care recipient (cr) materials

Try: It may help if the cg can redefine their perception of the term activities activities do not have to be lengthy or complicated to be considered an activity the activity process itself – organizing the various materials for the anticipation of and the companionship and interaction throughout is as important to the cr as the end result gear the activity toward a past hobby or even a life experience of the cr but adjust it to the current skill set of the cr if the cr enjoyed playing cards for example but is unable to engage in the more complicated card games switch to a simpler type of card game a former gardener or farmer may simply enjoy planting and tending a windowsill planter doing nothing can also be considered an activity the cr doesn’t need to have every moment of their day filled with busy activities listening to soothing music or even just a relaxing video of an aquarium or fireplace is a quiet activity that still stimulates the senses of the cr if at all possible incorporate some type of physical exercise into an activity – such as taking a short walk having the cr help with physical household chores such as dusting or sweeping recreational activities such as playing catch or chair dancing or exercise could also be helpful to maintain balance and lessen the chance of falling

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