caregiver (cg) needs advice on how to find activities that the Care recipient (cr) enjoys and can accomplish

Try: Try to discover what special interests music crocheting nature etc or hobbies woodworking bird watching reading etc and work it into an activity either talk about the interest or hobby read books about it or actively participate in it with the cr if the activity is no longer within the skill level of the cr order catalogs that specialize in the hobby or interest and shop for or allow the cr to explain what the different items are and how they were used by the cr always try to involve then in any activity you may be doing – if you are baking let the cr sort the utensils or spices needed let them join in your family activities by sharing photos and stories with them when an activity is planned for the first time don’t ask the cr whether or not they want to participate; make it a joint activity say come join me or let’s try this together have the cr help you with the activity if you make it a solo activity the cr could feel under pressure to do it right

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