Care recipient (cr) with limited resources has few or no visitors

Try: #if a cr is isolated and wants more social contacts use the telephone as a resource for finding some #encourage the cr or the main caregiver to contact worship centers or volunteer organizations to see if they have volunteers available to meet with the cr at home the cr may favor a particular religious denomination and calls could be made to several churches in the area of that denomination to find out what programs and services are offered organizations serving seniors might also be contacted #in addition to looking for volunteers to come to the cr the cr may want to consider becoming a volunteer as a way of reaching out to other people many volunteer activities take place in the community but some can be done from home including working on mailings data entry making phone calls writing or editing making small repairs baking sewing putting packages together etc #if getting a ride to a volunteer site is a problem contact senior service centers and the local transit system to find out what kinds of transportation options exist in addition try calling the center for which the cr wants to volunteer and asking if the volunteer coordinator would help connect the cr to another volunteer for the purpose of sharing a ride

Materials: Caregiver volunteer site or volunteer work worship center telephone and phone book transportation resources

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