Care recipient (cr) is unable to leave home to attend volunteer activities because of temporary or permanent change in level of disability

Try: #a cr may need to stop volunteer activities during periods of unstable or poor health but a cr who is unable to leave home easily but whose condition is otherwise fairly stable may find it possible to do volunteer work from home #discuss with the cr what kinds of activities could be undertaken from home that could be of benefit to an organization the cr already volunteers for or is interested in volunteering for #if you are short of ideas make a list with the cr of faith-based civic or charitable organizations whose missions the cr supports contact their program directors or volunteer coordinators and ask what kind of work could be done for them from home #they might be able to use help with mailings phone calls data entry correspondence crafts program planning baking fundraising writing or editing soliciting donations of goods or services research organizing historical files etc #find a friend or ask the agency being volunteered for to connect the cr to another volunteer for projects two people could work on together at the cr’s home #keep a neat workspace from which the cr can do volunteer work whether a tabletop desk or kitchen counter the space should be comfortable clean and well-lit in addition to a telephone the cr may need a few supplies specific to the volunteer work being done phone stapler legal pads red pens a printer for example #review the cr’s ability to keep up with volunteer commitments every couple of months encourage the cr to be realistic about commitments and to be unafraid to say when a commitment needs to be changed because circumstances or interests have changed

Materials: Knowledge of cr’s strengths and abilities friend or another volunteer phone and work space

Categories: Social, Mobility, Needs Some Assistance, Independence, No Supervision

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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