Early success in gardening encourages care recipients crs to feel pleasure and enthusiasm thoughtful planning will raise the chance of success

Try: #begin by letting the cr be a part of deciding what to plant ask him or her about past experiences with gardens if working in a flat garden is not possible plant in elevated garden boxes or pots if space is limited find a few pots that will fit in a sunny outdoor spot and plan on planting just a few things #initial success is important so you may want to plant plants that are safely past the seedling stage instead of seedlings and seeds #colorful flowers are a pleasure to look at and vegetables are a joy to eat while perennials return year after year annuals last only for their season keep in mind which plants will survive in the ground year round which will do well outdoors in pots and might come inside during winter and which might be enjoyed for several months in the ground #some plants give a lot mint gives edible leaves and a mint patch is fragrant and hardy for example and tomato vines can produce sun-warm treats for several months planting mint and tomatoes in medium-sized pots outdoors may make it fairly easy for a cr to reach and manage them

Materials: Small trowel spade and fork small bag of potting soil pots with drains at the bottom and separate saucers if possible several hardy plants that produce flowers or vegetables seedlings

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