Pacing may interfere with the ability to sit down for a meal

Try: #first see if pacing is linked to the pain or the need to use the toilet #a check-up by the care recipient’s cr’s doctor can look for health issues that cause pacing #offer the cr finger foods they can be held and eaten while walking #keep serving sizes small as the cr may lose interest before finishing food #offer liquids between foods as the cr walks reusable water bottles with sport top lids can keep liquids handy and will not spill easily #be patient if it takes the cr a long time to eat #keep a food diary to track food intake share any concerns with the cr’s doctor

Materials: Bite-sized pieces of fruits and vegetables sandwich halves or quarters bagels bite-size pieces of cheese raisins or nuts reusable water bottle with a sport top

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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