An activity board can exercise reach grasp-and-release skills movement of upper extremities focus concentration and repetitive ability

Try: #using screws enter the backside of the 2 x 2 foot plywood board and attach the closet rod pieces to the plywood #thread 9 of the clothespins on one of the shoelaces lace the shoelace through the center of the clothespins springs #loosen the screws just enough to slip the shoelaces through the crack between the pieces of closet rod and the plywood #the top shoelace with the clothespins attached should be about 3 from the top edge of the plywood the other shoelace without any clothespins attached should be 12 below the first shoelace #make sure the shoelaces are taut tie the shoelaces and tighten the screws #using the above constructed clothesline for practice hanging socks that are in a basket on the clothespins hanging on the clothesline this can be done either standing or sitting

Materials: 2 x 2 foot plywood board 2 – 24 pieces of wood closet rod 4 flat heat screws about 1 – 1.5 inches long 1 pair of 36 sturdy white shoelaces 18 plastic spring clothespins 8 – 10 long round head screws 2 – 12 x 17 pieces of colorful fabric assortment of socks in a basket handkerchiefs and other clothing items to hand on the clothesline

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