Care recipient (cr) worriess all the time over solvable and unsolvable concerns

Try: If a worry pops into cr’s head suggest that cr start by asking him herself whether the problem is something he she can actually solve the following questions can help cr figure this out is the problem something you’re currently facing rather than an imaginary what-if if the problem is an imaginary what-if how likely is it to happen is your concern realistic can you do something about the problem or prepare for it or is it out of your control remind cr that productive solvable worries are those he she can take action on right away for example if cr is worried about his her bills cr could call his her creditors to see about flexible payment options help cr understand that unproductive unsolvable worries are those for which there is no corresponding action for example what if i get cancer someday or what if my kid gets into an accident if the worry is solvable suggest that cr start brainstorming cr could make a list of all the possible solutions he she can think of remind cr to try not to get too hung up on finding the perfect solution he she should try to focus on the things he she has the power to change rather than the circumstances or realities beyond his her control after cr has evaluated his her options make a plan of action once the cr has a plan and starts doing something about the problem he she will feel much less worried

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References: how to stop worrying self-help strategies for anxiety relief by melinda smith robert segal and jeanne segal 2012 available at www helpguide org

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