Care recipient (cr) worries too much

Try: Suggest that cr try creating a worry period choose a set time and place for worrying it should be the same every day for example in the living room from 5 00 to 5 20 p m and early enough that it won’t make cr anxious right before bedtime during cr’s worry period cr is allowed to worry about whatever’s on his her mind the rest of the day however is a worry-free zone suggest that cr try to postpone worrying for example if an anxious thought or worry comes into cr’s head during the day suggest that cr make a brief note of it on paper and postpone thinking about it until his her designated worry period cr should try to remind him herself that he she will have time to think about it later so there’s no need to worry about it right now save it for later and continue to go about the day suggest that cr go over his her worry list during the worry period reflect on the worries written down during the day if the thoughts are still bothering cr suggest that cr allow him herself to worry about them but only for the amount of time he she has specified for his her worry period if the worries don’t seem important any more suggest that cr cut his her worry period short and enjoy the rest of the day

Materials: Paper pen

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References: how to stop worrying self-help strategies for anxiety relief by melinda smith robert segal and jeanne segal 2012 available at www helpguide org

Keywords: Worry anxiety stress can’t sleep mind races

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