Care recipient (cr) with disorganized thinking due to schizoaffective disorder has trouble organizing rides

Try: #meet with the cr at the beginning and end of each week to discuss the cr’s schedule and related transportation needs in addition to thinking about how the cr will get to doctors’ appointments or grocery stores talk about how the cr will get to social events or leisure spots such as local fairs libraries etc #write the time and day that the tasks need to be done to arrange transportation on the calendar using the black pen for example a special van service might need two day’s notice for reservation while calling a cab might be done an hour ahead of an appointment #check off the tasks written in black as they are done #write the finalized transportation arrangement in red for example note the time a volunteer driver will arrive or the time the cr needs to leave the house to catch a particular bus on a certain day #the caregiver can walk with the cr to various bus stops or take practice rides with the cr on public transportation if the cr needs training or re-training because of symptoms related to illness or medication

Materials: Caregiver file folder bus pass city bus train schedule taxi company information rural transportation information if needed red pen black pen monthly wall calendar

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