Care recipient (cr) cannot read or focus on movies or games because of ongoing disabilities or changes in brain function caregiver seeks indoor activity for times when the cr is restless

Try: #create an activity apron that can be worn by the cr make an apron from a heavy-duty fabric or buy an undecorated apron from a craft supply store #depending on your skill level sew the zippers to the top of the apron or insert them in the apron likewise decide how you will attach snaps hooks and eyes ribbons laces etcetera so that the cr can open and close them use the 1 yard of extra fabric to make fabric panels for buttons and button-holes place the panels close enough together that the button-holes and buttons will line up properly when the buttons are fastened make sure you attach all items firmly so they will hold up through use and laundering #purchase all materials at fabric stores and craft supply stores use bright contrasting colors for fabric buttons and zippers pick buttons in many sizes particularly large ones if the cr has trouble with vision or fine motor skills you can also make zippers easier to open and close by looping ribbon or metal rings through a hole in the part of the zipper the cr would normally grasp #when the cr is restless offer the apron as a distraction the cr can wear the apron or the apron can be placed on a table for use

Materials: Heavy duty apron material denim corduroy sailcloth 1 yard extra fabric undecorated apron from craft store thread and needles sewing machine variety of buttons various sizes variety of snap sizes hook and eyes zippers shoe laces ribbons and any other type of fasteners someone with moderate or advanced level sewing techniques

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