Care recipient (cr) with schizoaffective disorder has trouble remembering when or whether psychotropic medications have been taken

Try: #meet with the cr weekly to fill the pill boxes encourage the cr to do as much of the pill management as possible #each day the cr should carry or take pills from just one box #keep up with changes in the cr’s medication with the cr’s permission go with the cr to appointments with the doctor to make sure all the cr’s questions are answered #after meeting with the doctor you or the cr can request a meeting with the doctor’s nurse for a lesson in setting up a pill box the nurse can usually set up a few pill boxes in advance with the caregiver and cr watching #assist the cr to keep a sheet of paper with a description of each current medication this sheet can be reviewed with the nurse who can help the cr understand each pill and identify it by shape color and dosage #afterwards set up pill boxes with the cr at home #check each day’s pill box regularly to see if pills are left in them at the end of the day or week which would indicate that doses are being missed

Materials: Caregiver pill boxes one separate strip for each day sheet of paper describing each prescribed medication registered nurse psychiatrist

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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