Care recipient (cr) with a form of schizophrenia is troubled by the belief that people and forces conspire in ongoing personal attacks

Try: #meet the cr every morning for a non-judgmental check-in to see how much paranoia the cr is experiencing this is also a good time to see whether the cr is taking all medications properly #assist the cr as needed to meet with any counselor or psychiatrist the caregiver can also encourage the cr to use a local hotline in a mental health crisis or to seek help at an emergency room or respite care center #encourage the cr to manage his or her mental health issues if the cr is able to he or she might bring a list of any symptoms occurring during the week to counseling and psychiatric sessions symptoms may be related to the disorder or to medication side effects #a caregiver who believes a cr’s behavior or stated thoughts pose an immediate real threat to either the cr or another person should seek help for the cr even without the cr’s permission the caregiver may choose notify the cr of the decision beforehand most crs would appreciate being told #if the caregiver is a professional care provider the policy regarding what circumstances would lead to a call to emergency services should be explained at the beginning of the working relationship #caregivers who are honest and consistent in their talk and action will improve their chances of keeping relationships going through the cr’s bouts of paranoid delusion #crs may find support in friendships with peers who are also managing schizophrenia check mental health centers for

Materials: Caregiver counselor psychiatrist crisis center respite care center peer support note pad symptom list

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Information: About support groups and self-help groups there are also many support groups and info sites related to schizophrenia online information

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