Care recipient (cr) wants to know how to start a grief support group

Try: Encourage cr to learn as much as possible about the grieving process you could suggest that cr do some research on the internet or the library help cr determine the specific type of grief support group that he she wants to set up by specifying the type of grief that the members have experienced it will be easier for the members to focus on their issues and connect to each other and eventually help each other out set some operational rules there are some support groups that are more focused on story-sharing as a way for the members to deal with their grief while there are others that are focused more on lectures from guest speakers there are some other groups that combine both the lecture and the sharing approach cr should have some operational rules on how he she will tackle the grieving process and how the group itself will work suggest that cr try to do research on how other grief support groups conduct their meetings so cr can get a better idea help cr find members if you or cr know anyone that you feel may be grieving you can personally approach him be careful however because people in various stages of the grieving process react differently there are some who will welcome the help while others who will shy away from it or downright ignore you suggest that cr post advertisements on the internet in online forums communities and even cr’s social networking sites once cr has the members and the operational rules cr can start with his her first meeting make sure that cr goes through introductions first clarifies the goals of the support group and allows the various members to get to know each other with these initial plans in place cr and his her group members could go on their way towards finding hope amidst the grief

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References: how to start a grief support group by norman bailey no date available at www howtodothings com

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