Care recipient (cr) panics over uncertain situations that he she can’t control and needs to learn how to deal with these uncertainties so he she can enjoy his her life

Try: Encourage cr to stay hopeful during uncertain times hope usually wafts away when cr ceases being hopeful he she can’t see the new opportunities that come his her way and in the end trap cr where he she is at the moment encourage cr to try his her hardest to stay positive about his her situation encourage cr to believe that difficulty and uncertainty will soon fade away suggest that cr be open to learning uncertainty brings about life lessons that cr might not learn from any other experience encourage cr to find out what these lessons are perhaps they’re about keeping cr’s faith in the sea of uncertainties perhaps they’re about being humble to accept help from people perhaps they’re about persevering to achieve goals remind cr that every difficulty is an opportunity to learn remind cr that he she will waste this opportunity if he she sinks him herself deep into fear encourage cr to draw strength from his her family when cr feels like giving up suggest that cr turn to his her family for encouragement suggest that cr avoid putting on the happy mask but instead honestly open his her heart to them encourage cr to tell them what he she is going through how he she is feeling and what he she is thinking so they can give cr the help that he she needs suggest that cr pray prayer changes things it may not change the situation but it will change cr’s heart and perspectives encourage cr to believe whatever it is he she is praying for it might take a while for cr’s prayer to be fulfilled but it will be fulfilled anyway help cr distract him herself from fear fear will always creep back paralyzing cr’s hope and destabilizing his her faith if cr begins to be fearful again help cr find ways to shun the fear away there are actually plenty of things that cr can do to distract him her and eventually remove fear from his her heart suggest that cr try for example reading the bible and inspirational books develop a new hobby join group activities encourage cr to discover him herself going through uncertain times will give cr opportunities to know him her in a different level cr will be surprised at his her inner strength perseverance and focus the things cr hasn’t known before about him herself will be revealed to him her if cr knows him herself a lot better he she will have one reason to be thankful for experiencing uncertainties cr will come out of his her situation more mature and more aware of his her strengths

Materials: Bible or inspirational books

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References: how to survive during uncertain times by matthew bennett no date available at www howtodothings com

Keywords: Uncertainty anxiety worries anxious nervous scared

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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