caregiver (cg) for a Care recipient (cr) with epilepsy needs guidance on how to manage seizure medications and minimize the risk of a sudden seizure

Try: Know the main side effects of the cr’s seizure medicines the doctor is the best source of this

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Information: The package insert provided with the cr cr’s prescription lists full information on side effects however most of these will never occur in the cr be aware that some side effects occur from drug interactions among all medications be aware of the risk of suicide due to seizure medications seizure medicines have long been known to help some crs with depression but to also make others worse the fda recently took a look at their database of clinical studies of people taking epilepsy medicines their findings showed a slight increase in suicide and depression among individuals taking seizure medications if the cr has issues with depression consider the following do not allow the cr to immediately stop taking seizure medicine it could be dangerous if the cr has symptoms of depression such as crying and low mood please discuss them at visits with the cr cr’s doctors information

References: Adapted from www epilepsy com

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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