Care recipient (cr) has problems accomplishing tasks because he she is afraid of the task

Try: Encourage cr to take a deep breath taking a deep breath will help cr focus on the task at hand and at the same time calm him her down help cr find something to focus on if cr is required to do a task that scares him her finding something to focus his her thoughts on will allow cr to get the job done it can be an object far away or close at hand this allows cr’sr mind to block out the other thoughts that are running through it and help cr zero in on the task at hand encourage cr to take small steps the best thing to do is to take small steps in accomplishing the task cr is so scared of help cr try to break down the task into small segments and then go about accomplishing each segment of the task until he she completes the whole for example if cr has to empty out a dirty trash bin you can help cr by breaking it down to removing the trash bags first and then move on to other pieces of trash until the trash bin is empty try to motivate cr to jump in and do it if taking small steps isn’t an option you may just suggest that cr close his her eyes and decide to just do it just like ripping off a band-aid sometimes the best course of action is to brace oneself and just pull the positive thing about this approach is that whatever it is cr is afraid of it gets done without any second thought try to convince cr that his her fear of a task is all in his her head oncecru realizes this fact it will be easy for him her to overcome fear and get the task done help cr find a process to overcome his her fear of doing something and he she should be able to function even when facing things he she is afraid of

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References: how to take action despite being scared by matthew bennett no date available at www howtodothings com

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