Care recipient (cr) needs help controlling his her hyperness

Try: Suggest that cr shut off the stimulation when cr gets home suggest that he she avoid turning on the tv or turning up the volume on the radio cr may also want to avoid going online and turn off his her cell phone cr meeds to disconnect him herself from the world and all the technological tools so he she can allow him herself some time to decompress if cr is feeling hyper and needs to stop suggest that cr avoid surrounding him herself with people for the moment suggest that cr stop smoking though cr may find the act of smoking relaxing the nicotine itself can actually cause cr to become hyper suggest that cr try to sit down and meditate suggest that cr close his her eyes and focus on his her breathing suggest that cr take deep breaths using the diaphragm and avoid taking short shallow breaths as cr exhales suggest that cr mentally push out all negativity and stress in his her system encourage cr to set aside his her worries and fill him herself with a soft warm glow of healing light advise cr to be mindful of how his her heart rate slows down as he she slows down his her breathing suggest that cr exercise if cr has so much excess energy that cru just can’t keep still then he she needs to find creative ways to expend that energy cr may want to try running or boxing organized sports may not help if cr can’t sit still long enough to listen to the rules of the game encourage cr to go out and get tired exercise releases endorphins in the brain that help cr feel good and it’s a natural way to expend energy that is also good for cr suggest that cr try to exercise in the morning or no later than later afternoon if cr raises his her heart rate too close to bedtime he she will have trouble getting to sleep remind cr to watch what he she eats sugar and caffeine are big nos if cr is trying to reduce his her hyperness

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References: how to stop being hyper by patricia graves no date available at www howtodothings com

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