Care recipient (cr) paces across the room and seems restless about something

Try: Try to find the reason cr is pacing for example pacing may indicate that cr wants to use the toilet but is unable to tell you try asking cr whether he she needs to use the toilet or lead him her towards it if cr insists on pacing try to find somewhere cr can walk safely give cr some reassurance then try to distract him her with an interesting activity or by involving him her in some form of exercise if cr has always been active and walked regularly he she may be feeling frustrated and want some fresh air help to choose comfortable clothes and shoes offer drinks and snacks check the cr cr’s feet regularly for redness swellings or blisters try to persuade cr to rest from time to time

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References: unusual behaviourby janet keane 2010 available at www alzheimers org uk

Keywords: Paces pacing restless restlessness exercise toileting repetitive behavior

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