Care recipient (cr) wakes up in the middle of the night gets dressed and wanders around or tries to go outside

Try: Make sure cr has enough exercise during the day and that he or she uses the toilet before going to bed try a walk before bedtime a warm milky drink and soothing company before cr falls asleep if cr wakes up gently remind him her that it is night time during the light summer months it can feel like daytime even late at night or very early in the morning so try putting a clock that shows whether it is am or pm next to the bed and consider darker curtains or blackout blinds

Materials: Warm milk clock that displays a m and p m darker curtains blackout blinds

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References: unusual behaviourby janet keane 2010 available at www alzheimers org uk

Keywords: Night time night wakes up dresses at night restless restlessness pacing paces insomnia sleep

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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