Care recipient (cr) needs to take a day to sort out his her emotional or psychological problems

Try: Remind cr not to feel guilty for neglecting other tasks or people in his her life the mental health day is his her day suggest that cr take the whole day to relax having a mental health day means cr should really rest and relax his her body and mind it is not a day for cr to do his her chores or to run errands encourage cr to treat this day as a day for him her to recuperate from the stressors in his her life suggest that cr stay in bed listen to restful music take some warm chicken soup and catch up with his her reading suggest that cr be strategic in deciding what day to take as a mental health day it’s probably best that cr choose a day in between stressful days so he she can recharge his her mental batteries for example if the beginning of the week is stressful then suggest that cr take wednesday off cr may want to consider taking a mental health day when he she has nothing ion his her schedule cr may want to let others know he she is taking a mental health day so he she will not be bothered by situations or people that are causing him her stress help cr learn to value his her mental health and give his her mind the opportunity to rest and relax now and then

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References: how to take a mental health day by linda hightower no date available at www howtodothings com

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