Care recipient (cr) needs to learn how to relax during stressful situations

Try: Suggest that cr take a deep breath throughout the day when cr is feeling overwhelmed suggest that cr take a step back take a moment and take a deep breath breathing properly and slowing down his her intake and exhalation of oxygen does wonders for the heart rate and clearing the mind encourage cr to do something he she loves suggest that cr indulge in his her creative juices and take up a hobby or a recreational sport that makes him her happy knitting painting sewing tinkering with his her car or playing football are all great ways to unwind encourage cr to spend time with his her family suggest that cr s take time to enjoy them spend a weekend with them watch his her grandson’s baseball game or simply hold his her husband wife at the end of the long day this will help cr put his her life and all his her stress in perspective suggest that cr turn off the tv watching tv or playing the computer can be quite stressful how can cr relax seeing so much violence and bad news suggest that cr turn it off and enjoy the quiet or some conversation with his her spouse cr might also try reading a book instead suggest that cr set a deadline during the day that he she will turn off his her cell phone and wait to return calls and answer messages till the next morning suggest that cr get in touch with nature remind cr that mother nature knows best so he she should take the time to enjoy her beauty encourage cr to breathe that fresh air enjoy the scenery work in his her garden and literally smell the roses suggest that cr exercise encourage cr to get moving and watch his her stress disappear exercise releases endorphins it also has a protective health factor for the body increasing cr’s immunity and making him her stronger and more focused to handle stressful situations remind cr to get some sleep if cr is getting less than eight hours of sleep he she will be more irritable and less sharp suggest that cr go to bed early so he she can relax and unwind suggest that cr help someone else if cr is overwhelmed ask for help knowing he she doesn’t have to handle things by him herself and distributing the workload can greatly diminish cr’s stress levels

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References: how to relax and destress by xeres griffin no date available at www howtodothings com

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