Care recipient (cr) gets stressed out a lot and needs to find ways of dealing with stress better

Try: Suggest that cr try using a stress box a stress box is some sort of cr’s own pandora’s box in that cr places all the bad things that happen to him her in there then he she opens the box to release all that stress in the hopes of letting it all go suggest that cr pick a time of day to do this if cr havsa busy day ahead suggest that the best time to deal with a stress box is at the end of the day when he she is in bed just between downtime and sleeping this is also sometimes called cr’s me time suggest that cr take the cutup pieces of pad paper and pen to bed get comfortable between his her pillows and separately write down the events of the day which caused him her the least up to the most level of stress cr doesn’t have to be detailed that’s stressful suggest that cr just allow his her thoughts to flow freely even shorthand writing is alright the most important thing for cr to remember is that he she is releasing his her pent-up stress by writing about it suggest that cr make a resolution to deal with each stressful situation suggest that he she lleave a space opposite each of his her stressors on which he she is to write down how he she plans on solving the stressors for example a colleague who takes her problems with her to work and bites people’s heads off including cr’s perhaps the solution would be for cr to avoid speaking to her when it’s not about work or just zoning out when she starts to vent another example would be if cr encounters heavy traffic heading to work the resolution would be for cr to leave his her house earlier to avoid getting caught in it remind cr that he she has the spiritual power and grace to respond to things he she cannot control remind cr that for every stressor there’s something positive cr can do in return after cr is done writing his her thoughts on pieces of paper cr should place these inside the stress box while in this process suggest that cr repeat a mantra telling him herself that he she is releasing his her stresses for the day and that these have no power over him her cr can also inhale and exhale deeply while performing this exercise suggest that cr go to sleep afterward the next evening suggest that cr go back to yhis herstress box the goal here is to sort out the pieces of paper and see which one cr was able to resolve at the beginning of this new day the more cr was able to resolve based on his her solutions the lesser the stress cr has to deal with suggest that cr sort crumple and throw out the ones that have been resolved then when cr is done with the sorting begin the process again by writing down new stressors that came up during the day hopefully there would be nothing new to write down

Materials: Empty shoe box cut up pieces of paper pen

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References: how to relieve stress with a stress box by zaire scott no date available at www howtodothings com

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