Care recipient (cr) needs or wants a massage

Try: Help cr settle in a comfortable place help him her lie down on a massage bed or a recliner make sure he she is in a relaxed state if he she has some disabilities or handicap partly paralyzed exhausted and the like it is best to have him her lay down on a full regular bed set the proper ambience in the room draw the curtains keep the lights at moderate brightness and take note of the cleanliness and orderliness of the room place the massage items you’ll need just beside you so you do not have to get up or reach out for them during the massages session you might want to play a soft classical music to enhance the mood for relaxation use lotion or oil for moisture and lubrication it is important to have some lubrication so you can easily slide your hands on cr’s skin place just a pea size of lotion or two drops of oil on your palm and apply first on cr’s hands hand massage includes the arms and the shoulder but make sure you start with the hands then work your way up avoid using too much lotion as your hands will keep sliding off cr’s arm due to over lubrication some friction is necessary too gently massage and knead cr’s hand use both of your hands at this point stretch pull and bend the fingers but do not put too much pressure also avoid bending and clicking the knuckles as it can cause pain and discomfort always look at cr’s face and watch his her expression if you see him her grimacing or wincing in pain lessen the pressure on his her hand slide your hand upward and toward cr’s shoulder as you do this apply more pressure as you go higher towards the direction of his her heart the technique is for you to put more pressure as you go higher when sliding your hand down again lessen the pressure to a point that your hand is just lightly touching cr’s skin make repeated massage strokes on each hand for about ten or twelve times twist the carpals or wrists slowly both ways work at the bottom of the wrists with your two thumbs engage in a pleasant conversation with cr if he she is awake and you sense he she wants to strike up a talk go ahead and talk to him her however you should engage only in easy talk

Materials: Relaxing music lotion or massage oil

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References: how to massage a senior senior’s hands by olivia cooper no date available at www howtodothings com

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