Care recipient (cr) feels gloomy in the winter months and needs help overcoming the winter blues

Try: Encourage cr to think about warm thoughts and warm places suggest that the cr open the blinds or draw the curtains to let the sunlight into the home during the day encourage cr to get enough natural light during the day and increase the wattage in light bulbs used at night the cr also could consider using light bulbs that simulate natural sunlight the cr could also place large mirrors in certain areas of the house to reflect light the cr could also stoke the fireplace or light up some tropical scented candles during the night to get more warmth counterbalance the cold with either physical or perceived warmth suggest that the cr turn up the heater or use tropical-themed home adornments such as vibrant placemats and lively and warm colored curtains suggest that the cr invite friends to a cabin fever party give it an authentic tropical beach theme by turning up the heat donning hawaiian outfits and serving fruity drinks with umbrellas a little summer music can also add to the illusion that cr and his or her friends are all far away from winter this may help drive away the winter blues for both the cr and his or her friends if money is not an issue suggest that cr plan a vacation even one weekend away from a snowed-in house can do wonders for cr’s spirit there are plenty of things cr can do on a getaway trip if cr can’t afford the trip now he or she could start planning for it this will keep cr busy anticipation of a tropical vacation will also help keep the cr’s spirits up encourage the cr to move about and be active encourage cr to avoid hibernating even if the weather temps him or her to do encourage the cr to exercise or make it a habit to go on daily walks movement and exercise will help cr get warm and shake off that lazy feeling the cr could also consider joining a gym if he or she can afford it workouts may help take cr’s mind off the dreary weather for a few hours while keeping the body active if cr prefers to stay home consider putting some dance music on you also could dig up the cr cr’s old aerobics or yoga videos and encourage him or her to start exercising suggest that the cr start projects that he or she has wanted to do for example the cr could organize his or her closet or make a scrapbook now is the best time to get to it encourage cr to keep his or her mind and hands busy before the cr knows it spring will come along encourage the cr to enjoy the unique things that come with winter weather for example holidays such thanksgiving christmas new years day and valentine’s day there also may be birthdays to celebrate in addition college football winds down with all of the bowl games just as basketball kicks into high gear march madness brings the ncaa basketball tournament and the winter olympics will roll around once every four years encourage the cr to do indoor activities that can be done regardless of the weather for example go to museums concerts programs at the library or local senior center and so on encourage the cr to not to let the dreary weather get him or her down remind the cr that the gloomy winter months can affect one’s physical and mental state however this can easily offset by a positive attitude warming up the environment and engaging in fun activities

Materials: Tropical-themed home adornments higher wattage light bulbs large mirrors tropical scented candles hawaiian themed party favors hawaiian themed clothing fruity or hawaiian drinks lively music exercise videos

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References: Adapted from www howtodothings com how to think tropical to help winter blues by zaire scott no date

Keywords: Winter depression emotional spirits thinking positive exercise socializing

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