Care recipient (cr) constantly discussed health problems in inappropriate places and at inappropriate times

Try: Set limits on where and when the cr can discuss health problems for example make meal time off limits for discussion of health problems offer reassurance and regular doctors visits find ways to distract the cr from focusing on health problems this could be through activities like reading table games arts and crafts or any other activity that the cr enjoys encourage the cr to stay healthy by exercising on a regular basis and eating nutritious meals if possible try to reason with the cr reasoning with the cr may be difficult or impossible however it is well worth a shot you will never know until you try tactfully explain that many people that the cr talks to on a regular basis get tired of hearing about all of his or her health problems all of the time tell the following joke to the cr don’t tell anyone about your problems 90 of them don’t want to hear it and the other 10 are glad to hear it another joke there once was a man who told everyone he met about how sick he was however no one believed him when the man died his tombstone was engraved with i told you i was sick explain that while these jokes may be funny there is a lot of truth in them if the cr insists on continually discussing of health problems encourage him or her to try to keep the subject generic rather than specific many individuals feel compelled to discuss every intricate detail about doctors visits operations and hospital stays many caring friends and family are genuinely interested in getting a brief update they just don’t want lengthy discussions of everything going on the same hold true for prayer requests sent to the cr’s pastor and church family

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Keywords: Hypochondria hypochondriac complaining aches and pains

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