Care recipient (cr) avoids social events because he or she is uncomfortable riding in car

Try: Talk to the cr about transportation options to find out what is most ideal for him or her talk about that has worked and what has not worked in past transport situations get specific

Materials: Different types of vehicles to experiment with car van cross-over or larger

Categories: Emotional Psychological, Maintenance, Social, Fully Aware, Somewhat Aware

Information: About the type of vehicle seat belts and seat adjustments ease getting in and out and so on accommodate the cr’s p

References: Where possible practice with the cr pick a day with good weather and park the vehicle on a flat skid-free surface talk through technique with the cr and demonstrate yourself the movements that the cr should do break the process down step by step practice entering and exiting the vehicle with the cr short practice times are best for example get into the vehicle break exit the vehicle and call it a day try it again tomorrow assist with walkers medical equipment and seatbelts so the cr doesn’t get stressed out over these things make the cr as comfortable as possible plan an outing with the cr encourage him or her to choose a favorite destination invite the cr multiple times if needed and offer different departure times throughout the day reward the cr with positive verbal cues and congratulate him or her on meeting the goal of riding in a vehicle again offer to drop the cr off at the entrance door of the building give the cr control over when to leave the event so that he or she does not feel trapped information references

Keywords: Unsociable afraid of cars uncomfortable in cars

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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