Care recipient (cr) needs help learning to use a walker

Try: # position the walker at arm’s length in front of the cr with all four legs level on the floor # use the handles of the walker for balance # place the walker one step ahead of cr and take small steps when turning # keep back upright while pushing the walker forward do not walk behind the walker; step into it instead # with a rolling walker be careful not to push it too far ahead when walking stay close to keep balanced # don’t lean on the walker when getting up or sitting it could tip over # when using a folded walker make sure the walker is locked into the open position # check the security of the handgrip on the walker frequently a handgrip that could slip off or rotate during weight bearing can cause a fall # wear shoes with rubber soles such as tennis shoes slippers should not be worn because they can slide off feet and cause a fall do not wear shoes with leather heels or soles that may slide and cause a fall # check the floor to be sure it is safe the floor must be clean dry and well lit remove throw rugs to prevent falls tape or nail down loose carpet edges keep the traffic areas and the floor free of clutter # stand a few seconds before moving this will get the cr’s body used to standing do not start walking if dizzy # look straight ahead when walking the cr may run into or trip over something if he she is looking at their feet

Materials: # shoes with rubber soles such as tennis shoes # tape or nails

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References: Adapted from tips on using walkers and canes safely by judith strom posted on graytimes com on august 31 2009

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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