Care recipient (cr) is pessimistic much of the time

Try: The cr cr’s pessimism may be due to trouble dealing with the loss of independence and control over situations the cr cr’s pessimism may also be due to the realization that goals that could have been easily accomplished in the past are no longer achievable tell the cr that you also have some of the same challenges talk about some of the things that you no longer have control over and your personal goals that have not been realized sharing this

Materials: Note pad and pen books and or videos

Categories: Topic, Emotional Psychological

Information: Will help establish a personal connection with the cr and build a relationship based on common ground try to replace unrealistic goals with those that are achievable enjoyable and satisying to the cr ask what types of activities the cr is interested in and use to do think of ways these activities can still be done for example if the cr loves gardening but can no longer go outside try a window garden flower arranging reading gardening books and watching gardening videos try to be positive and happy to encourage the cr to be the same way make a game out of listing things that you and the cr are grateful for this will help redirect the cr cr’s perspective from negative to positive information

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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