Aging cr care recipient has experienced a loss of arousal and sexual desire

Try: Explain to the cr that changes occur when the human body ages this is normal and to be expected sexuality slows down when a person ages but can be more pleasurable because there is more freedom with age in addition there are no more worries about pregnancy and people over 65 actually have more time to enjoy each others company explain to the cr that sex and intimacy are not always needed to have a fulfilling and comfortable relationship with another person however there are some things that can be done to enhance the experience encourage the cr to be creative in establishing and maintaining sexual relationships encourage the cr to fix up the bedroom or some other room for a nice time with a mate this can help set the mood for intimacy and enhance the creativity of the moment encourage the cr to purchase a book of sexual positions to provide creativity and variety if the cr is an aging woman the loss of hormones can result in a loss of sexual desire encourage the female cr to try a lubricating jelly such as k-y to replace the natural balance of fluids discourage the use anything such as body lotions or hand creams due to the chance of developing infection consider consulting with a doctor or pharmacist regarding medications the cr is taking determine is any of the medications are causing a decline in sexual desire most anti-depressants can cause a drop in sexual desire in addition medications can be prescribed to increase sexual desire and potency

Materials: Lubricating jelly a quiet bedroom or some other nice place in the home book on different sexual positions list of medications medication that aids with sexual problems

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References: Adapted from the web4health intenet site www web4health com follow the links for sex and treatment for women with no sex drive

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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