Care recipient (cr) is very concerned about making end of life preparations

Try: #sit with the cr in a quiet area away from noise and activity #encourage the cr to express his or her thoughts #write down the cr cr’s wishes as he or she expresses them read them back to the cr to make sure you are recording them faithfully #you may want to make sure the following subjects are covered ##location of any special belongings or important documents for example key to lock box or safe copies of living will or power of attorney address book etc ##specific things the cr wants others to know or do ##how the cr wants to control physical pain ##how the cr wants to be nourished and fed ##any special foods or drinks that are favored including recipes ##location of avorite pillow blanket and clothing ##favorite or meaningful music to be played to soothe the cr or comfort mourners at a later period ##personal items the cr wants to have at hand ##personal care p

Materials: Notebook pen phone book quiet area with a table and chairs

Categories: Spiritual

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References: For items such as soap shampoo perfume or toothpaste ##how cr would like personal care activities to be performed if he or she can’t carry them out for example i want to be shaved daily or i want my pink lipstick on daily ##specific rituals the cr wishes to have carried out including religious customs while the cr is sick or at the time of death ##specific requests related to the the cr’s funeral including any special poems passages or sayings to be read and preferences in flowers service music pall bearers visitation pictures etc ##location of life insurance policy or funeral plans if any veteran status may be important to know in planning a funeral as well the cr cr’s preference regarding cremation or burial is also important ##information to be included in the cr’s obituary #include and document in writing whatever the cr wants #whenever the end of life preparations subject come up let the cr know that his or her desires and wishes have been written down and will be carried out information references

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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