Care recipient (cr) becomes agitated when putting clothes on

Try: Make dressing a regular routine done at the same time each day limit clothing choices too many options may be confusing put full clothing outfits for each day into hanging storage bags label the bag for each day of the week the cr can take out one bag each day and all the clothing items needed for dressing will be in the bag lay out the clothes in the order the cr prefers to put them on sometimes the cr can’t remember what the order is put clothes on in the same order each day according to the cr’s p

Materials: All clothing items needed to dress hanging storage bags for clothes

Categories: Dressing Clothing, Emotional Psychological

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References: Ask simple direct questions such as do you want to wear the brown pants today allow plenty of time for the cr to make a choice explain to cr what is going to happen; we’re going to put on your pants now allow plenty of time for the cr to complete the task praise the cr for each task completed or at least tried stop or slow down if the cr becomes agitated and minimize choices information references

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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