Care recipient (cr) has trouble sleeping well through the night

Try: To go to bed around the same time every evening #turn off the television a half hour before preparing for bed #try some music reading crosswords or word games to relax #any evening prayers of the cr should be respected by his or her caregivers try

Materials: #when medically reasonable limit drinks for an hour or two before bedtime so the cr has fewer urgent trips to make to the bathroom during the night #if diuretics are being taken to limit water retention talk to the doctor about the possibility of adjusting the schedule of taking them so that excessive nighttime urination is controlled in some cases taking the pills in the morning rather than at other times may be enough #make sure lighting in the cr’s bedroom is varied comfortable enough to encourage sleep and bright enough to allow safe passage to the bathroom if the cr has to leave bed #set and keep a nighttime routine that includes having a snack turning off the television making a trip to the bathroom taking care of teeth or dentures and doing something relaxing

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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