Sometimes care recipients crs and their live-in non-spousal caregivers argue about what food items and other household things belong to whom

Try: #buy a marker sticky dots and a small piece of poster board from a drug store general merchandise or office supply store #assign one color of dots to the cr and the other color to the caregiver #put one of each of the dots on the poster board and write in big letters the name of the person to whom that color dot has been assigned #post the poster board in a central spot where both people can read it easily #begin putting dots on all groceries coming into the house matching the color of the dot to the color assigned to the person #use the dots to label other items in the house whose ownership has been questioned books movies magazines toiletries etc #if clothing is an issue find indelible ink pens in colors that match the colors already assigned to each person and use the pens to ink small circles into the labels tags of shirts coats or other items #if necessary make more than one poster board code and post it where needed for example in the laundry room if this will help with sorting clothes or in the bedrooms if the cr or caregiver need additional reminders

Materials: Pen or marker two packets of sticky dots each in a different color small piece of poster board

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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