Helping Care recipient (cr) handle incontinence away from home requires different planning than helping at home

Try: #when planning trips of any length of time consider in advance how you and the cr will manage the cr’s incontinence for short shopping trips you may want to call malls or stores ahead of time to locate accessible restrooms for traveling overnight you may want to reserve an accessible train berth or hotel room or plan a stopover between flights that will allow plenty of time to visit a restroom even if one flight is late #keep in mind that regular pull-up underwear may be difficult to change when the cr is standing in a bathroom stall consider looking for disposable incontinence products that can be pulled up or opened and closed from the side or consider using absorbent inserts in a waterproof panty these come in many styles and sizes for men and women #make a final bathroom visit before leaving home and plan for regular bathroom breaks throughout the trip #pack wipes lotion plastic bags disposable gloves incontinence supplies clean clothes and hand sanitizer in a backpack you may want to carry a small towel for messes the wipes can’t handle wear the pack while walking to keep your hands free #if incontinence occurs and the cr needs help hang the pack on a hook in the largest stall and remove supplies as they are needed don’t remove everything at once #it is sometimes useful for the cr to bend over while being helped to get clean regardless of where you stand to help always wipe away from the cr’s front toward the back flush toilet paper wrap soiled clothes or pads in one of the plastic bags and use wipes to clean urine or feces thouroughly wash your hands and the cr cr’s after exiting the stall use hand sanitizer if necessary #finally keep a heavy duty garbage bag and a regular towel in the car to protect a car seat before or after an episode of incontinence

Materials: Caregiver willing to handle messes with calmness backpack with hanging loop baby wipes skin cream disposable gloves plastic bags for disposal of things that can’t be flushed extra undergarments or incontinence supplies heavy-duty garbage bag towels one small one regular

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