Troube getting up and down from the floor from a seated or prone position can be managed with thoughtful movement and the help of a chair

Try: #to get into a lying position on the floor ##stand next to a very sturdy chair if the chair is slightly unstable when using it to get up down from the floor put it against the wall to make it more stable ##put your hands on the seat of the chair ##lower yourself down on one knee ##bring the other knee down ##put your left hand on the floor and lean on it as you bring your left hip to the floor your weight is now on your left hip if it is more comfortable to use your right side use you right hand and go down on your right hip ##straighten your legs out ##lie on your left side right side roll onto your back #to get up from the lying position ##roll onto your left right side ##use you right left hand placed on the floor at about the level of your ribs to push your shoulders off the floor ##your weight is on the left right hip ##roll forward onto your knees leaning on your hands for support ##lean your hands on the seat of the chair you used to get down onto the floor ##lift one of your knees so that one leg is bent foot flat on the floor ##leaning your hands on the seat of the chair for support rise from this position

Materials: Sturdy chair that will not tip and can support the user user’s weight easily

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