Injuries and medical conditions may leave care recipients crs temporarily or permanently unable to feed themselves

Try: #feeding an adult is not the same as feeding a baby or a child even if the actions look the same a child being helped to eat is learning to be independent for the first time an adult being helped to eat is usually losing independence and needs as many opportunities to stay independent as possible even while being fed #ask about the cr’s preference while assisting the cr to eat would you like another bite would you like to taste the chicken and peas together would you like a sip of coffee between bites of pie #sit to the side or front of the cr making sure both of you are physically comfortable #drape a napkin across the cr’s chest to protect clothes from spills #cut food into small-bite sizes and do not overload the fork or spoon #some caregivers and crs find it safer always to serve and eat food from a spoon #offer food at the cr’s pace of eating the meal may take longer than previously make sure the cr has chewed and swallowed what you just fed before holding up another spoonful of food #be very mindful of the cr’s ability to swallow if it has been affected by illness or disability and note if the cr is having trouble swallowing choking or trouble swallowing are problems to report to the doctor #offer sips of drinks throughout the meal unless advised not to by a doctor #use a straw for liquids if the cr is unable to drink from a cup or glass #ask or let the cr know what you are about to do before you dab the cr’s mouth and chin with a napkin #if the cr has lost some ability to judge the heat of foods or drinks and you are worried about burning the inside of the cr’s mouth test the food before serving it by sticking a heat-sensitive baby-food spoon into the middle of it these little spoons work by changing colors if a food is hot enough to burn a baby’s mouth use them only to test food not to serve it as feeding a cr with a baby spoon may look and feel disrespectful

Materials: Patience respect for cr’s independence drink and straw food and utensils napkin temperature-sensitive spoon from baby supply section of most stores

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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