Care recipient (cr) with obesity and limited reach has trouble wiping after using the toilet

Try: #use the sponge-headed cleaning tools to extend the cr cr’s reach to clean after toileting #when outside the home keep a packet of wipes a zipping baggie and a cleaning tool on hand in a plastic bag carry them with the cr in a purse or backpack after use keep the tool in the zipping bag until you are home and can clean it #at home keep the tool near the toilet and clean it in mild soapy water under the tub faucet after use make sure any fecal matter is cleaned from the tool and the tub #when toileting twist a flushable wipe around the sponge end of the tool wipe the front first and then dispose of the wipe the cr may have to wipe several times never wipe the backside and then the front as this can lead to infection #because large bodies come in many shapes some experimentation will be required #for crs who cannot wipe themselves with a reacher an attachable bidet may be helpful these send a spray of clean water up from a small hose while the cr is seated on the toilet they can be found online #if the attachable bidet lacks the pressure necessary to help a cr get fully clean experiment with a hand-held shower head standing naked in the shower set the spray on a strong stream setting and bend over letting the water run over the anal area or if flexibility allows hold the shower head to carefully direct the stream #afterwards pat the area dry with a cotton towel or washcloth launder the towel before reusing it

Materials: Two soft sponge-headed cleaning tools on plastic sticks gallon-sized zipping plastic bags flushable pre-moistened wipes hand-held shower head attachable bidet if desired cotton towel or washcloth

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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