Care recipient (cr) has trouble rising from bed to seated or standing position

Try: #a bed rail is a support frame with a piece that slides under the top mattress of a typical bed for stability bed rails can be found through medical supply stores and catalogs most frequently a cr can receive a prescription for one from a doctor based on the doctor’s evaluation of the cr’s need sometimes a doctor will refer a cr to a physical therapist who in turn can let the doctor know what kind of equipment will improve the cr’s safety and mobility at home #bed rails are often helpful to crs who have trouble pulling themselves up when they are lying down who have trouble moving themselves around in bed or who have trouble transferring themselves on or off the bed whether to stand or to get to a chair or wheelchair #if you care for someone who you think could benefit from a bed rail make sure you explain why to the cr’s doctor or physical therapist mention the need to a physical therapist even if the cr is seeing the therapist for something unrelated

Materials: Bed rail sometimes called ‘assist rail’

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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