Care recipient (cr) goes to bed after dinner around 7 00 p m then wakes up around dawn 4 00 a m alert and refreshed

Try: #try moving dinner to an earlier hour #if the cr wants to rest after dinner encourage the cr to rest for no more than an hour if he or she does not wake up the caregiver can gently wake him or her #after dinner and a nap if taken find an activity the cr and the caregiver can do together play cards or dominoes take a small trip out for a treat etc #see what bedtime works look for one that lets the cr get a good night’s rest and that allows a primary caregiver to get rest during reasonable hours as well try a 9 00 p m bedtime and if it doesn’t work adjust it #don’t try to force the cr to stay awake encourage the cr to postpone a nap or bedtime if you think it is in his or her best interests but don’t prevent him or her from resting or sleeping unless medically warranted

Materials: Quiet games flexibility

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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