Proper cushioning for beds and chairs is part of preventing bed sores

Try: Use the air mattress to reduce body weight pressure that leads to ulcers or bed sores inflate the mattress according to directions using the hand pump provided secure the air mattress with straps after putting it on top of the regular mattress use an air foam or gel cushion on the seat of the care recipient’s cr’s chair or wheelchair to relieve pressure on skin waffle mattresses and cushions are sold at medical supply outlets wheelchair technicians physical therapists and doctors are people you can consult if you and the cr have trouble deciding what kind of cushioning will best suit the cr cr’s needs if the cr has difficulty moving and is confined to bed make sure the cr’s body is turned no less than once every two hours from back to right side from right side to left side and from left side to back when a cr is lying on one side use pillows or blankets to prevent backward rolling use a folded pillow or a rolled-up towel under the cr’s ankles to keep heels off the bed some cr’s may need additional support under the back of their knees

Materials: Air flotation mattress also called a waffle mattress cushion for chair pillows blankets or towels

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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