Decreases in memory judgment sensation or reflexes may lead to higher risk of burns

Try: #turn down the temperature on the water heater or hire someone to do it #label all faucets with large temperature indicators; red for hot and blue for cold faucet indicators can be found in medical supply catalogs and stores #never get into a bath or shower without checking the water temperature first never help a care recipient into a shower or bath without checking the water temperature first #check the temperature of water in foot baths and dish tubs before wetting hands or feet #check the temperature of hot drinks or foods before serving or sipping use a finger or a heat-sensitive spoon small heat-sensitive spoons can be found in the infant or toddler sections of most stores these spoons change color if food is too hot to be safely put in the mouth

Materials: Access to water heater large indicators for faucets heat-sensitive spoons

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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