Skin breakdown and bed sores can occur when Care recipient (cr) is not able to easily move

Try: When the cr is face up place a pillow under the heels to prevent bed sores from forming on the back of the ankle fold a pillow in half and place it under the ankles and calves to raise the heels off mattress the cr should change position every two hours alternating between both sides and back when the cr is on one side use pillows placed long way behind the cr’s back to keep the body from rolling back place a pillow between both knees and ankles to keep pressure off bony areas in the knees and ankles when the cr is lying on one side position the body naturally with arms in front of the body and knees slightly bent use a pillow to support the arm from the top side of the body so it is not crossing the midline of the chest reduce constant pressure on the same area of skin by making sure weight and position are shifted frequently when the cr is in a chair if repositioning is hard to do put a flat sheet between the chair and the cr smooth out any wrinkles to reduce spots of pressure on skin use the sheet to shift weight by gently pulling on one side of the sheet to roll the cr from one side to the other side check bed sheets and flat sheet used for repositioning for wrinkles food crumbs or other items that may be small but could harm frail skin keep skin clean and dry as dirt and wetness can cause bed sores check toileting needs every two hours and assist as needed maintain the cr’s good nutrition dehydration and or poor nutrition raise the risk of getting bed sores

Materials: Pillows or wedge cushions flat sheet good nutrition

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