Exercising requires special thought when strength endurance or ability to stand is limited

Try: #the band is held with both hands and runs under the care recipient recipient’s cr cr’s feet from a standing or seated position the cr pulls upward on the band using feet to keep the band in place the band’s resistance should be minimal pulling up on the band so the elbows bend and slowly lowering it will strengthen the cr’s arms and create motion exercise #use sponge balls to exercise hands and fingers a sponge ball is held in each hand and gently squeezed helpers can cover the cr’s hands with their own to feel the cr’s strength #use the cans as weights for three exercises ## the cr holds a can in each hand while moving arms upward from thigh to shoulder arms are out straight ##the cr holds the cans out front and bends arms at the elbow bringing the cans toward the shoulders ##finally the cr holds the cans with arms straight forward and fists upright from this position arms are moved apart and to the side at shoulder height a helper can assist the cr as needed to move hands apart and back together again all the exercises can be repeated as often as is comfortable #walking in place can be done standing or sitting a caregiver can provide encouragement and monitor safety

Materials: Rubber exercise band for legs fist-sized sponge balls or stress-relief balls two 8 oz cans full and still sealed assistance and encouragement

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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