Skin breakdown and sores can lead to death prevention is always preferable to treatment

Try: To keep skin from breaking down or ulcerating due to paralysis inactivity loss of sensation or extended time in a bed or wheelchair try these #when a Care recipient (cr) is in bed assist in a change of position at least every 2 hours moving body weight from left side to back and then to right side use the extra sheet or pad as an aid by placing it under the cr’s back from shoulders to knees and pulling on it to roll the cr gently to one side or the other #keep sheets clean and fresh as body sweat and soil can promote bed sores #use pillows to support a cr’s arms and legs and to pad the space between legs as needed also place pillows behind back and tailbone to prevent a cr from rolling backward while positioned on one side or the other #when sitting in a chair or wheelchair a cr should shift weight on buttocks every fifteen minutes caregivers can remind or assist depending on the cr’s ability #massage the cr with lotion paying particular attention to heels ankles buttocks hips elbows and back use alcohol-free lotion massage increases blood flow to areas where circulation may be poor #while massaging look for signs of trouble skin breakdown starts as a small irritated white or reddened area quickly advancing to a blistered-looking area surrounded by redness these small spots easily become open sores bed sores also called decubitous ulcers can be life-threatening and very hard to heal #after massage cover the cr’s heels with booties made of lamb’s wool or synthetic material these can be found in medical supply stores

Materials: Clean sheets with an extra sheet or pad two or three pillows protective booties lotion without alcohol

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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