Brushing teeth can be hard when Care recipient (cr) can’t close hand easily around a toothbrush

Try: If the cr can make a fairly small fist insert the toothbrush handle into the hole of the pencil grip this will build up the toothbrush handle’s thickness making it easier to grasp the handle can be built up further by wrapping duct tape over the pencil grip once it is on the toothbrush if the cr can only curl the fingers loosely build up the toothbrush with a tennis ball very carefully poke a hole in the ball with a screwdriver insert the toothbrush handle into the hole if the cr has trouble holding the ball at the end of the handle poke another hole opposite the first and slide the ball down the handle to a comfortable spot if the ball slides too loosely fix the ball in place with thin strips of duct tape wrapped by each exit hole in the ball if the cr can’t grasp the ball and needs a wider surface to hold insert the toothbrush into the tennis ball as described above then remove the top from a regular soup can put duct tape over the sharp edges of the rim and wedge the tennis ball into the can

Materials: Toothbrush pen or pencil grip tennis ball screwdriver can to put whole tennis ball into duct tape

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Information: When using a pencil grip make sure the toothbrush handle fits tightly within it a large-handled toothbrush may be more stable than a smaller one in a tennis ball the toothbrush’s angle can be altered by running hot water over the handle and bending it for a better fit

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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