Compression stockings are often very hard to put on

Try: #put cornstarch or powder on clean dry legs to help the stockings slip on more easily #turn stockings inside out by folding the top over the foot portion #using rubber gloves will make moving the stockings easier put on your gloves and slip the stocking over the toes foot and heel in one quick motion the toe opening can go either on the top or the ball of the foot but the heel must be put into the proper position #slip the top of the stocking on over the foot and onto the ankle adjust the toe section so that it is smooth make sure there are no creases or twists and that the stocking is not too tight over the toes #begin pulling the stocking up in short snappy motions about two inches each time the stocking will turn right side out as you continue pulling #as you go smooth the stocking and check to make sure it has no twists creases or wrinkles that can affect circulation or damage the underlying skin #make sure the top of the stocking does not fold down over itself as this can have a tourniquet effect #repeat these steps for the other leg

Materials: Appropriate compression stockings cornstarch or baby powder rubber gloves such as for dishwashing or latex or non-latex disposable gloves

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Information: Compression stockings are best applied first thing in the morning ideally before getting out of bed

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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